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Above photo from "Rio Grande" - a Republic Picture

Patrick McCormick joins Mike Ward's group
(website below) to gain historic
recognition to the Quiet Man cottage film site.  Back in the 1990's Patrick
worked tirelessly towards this goal. 

Mike Ward's Campaign to Save "The Quiet Man" Cottage
- Click on image above for details -

Meet Gus Martin

Gus Martin, from Ireland, visits Glengarriff for the Film Festival (July 2010) and a visit with Maureen O'Hara.
Gus is the carpenter who re-created everything in Pat Cohan's bar in the village of Cong.
He said it was a labor of love because he has always been a big fan of "The Quiet Man."
In 1951, when TQM was filmed, that area was actually a grocery store and John Ford
turned the exterior into "Pat Cohan's Bar: simply by changing the sign outside.
Decades later - Sept. 17, 2008, the bar opened officially.
Click on photo above to read more about Gus.

Dani and Tia Vellani, whose studio is located in the Castlecome Estate Yard
were commissioned by Kilkenny's Age-Friendly County initiative to create a brooch that
was presented to Maureen O'Hara on March 30th when she was guest of honor at their special event.
(Click image above to visit their website and see the gorgeous jewelry they design.)

Maureen O'Hara - Early in her career was known as
 "The Queen of Technicolor"

so proclaimed by the Inventor of the Technicolor Process, Herbert Kalmus

  Click above for official Technicolor Website

Great Painting of Maureen O'Hara
Check out the Website!

Another great interview of Maureen O'Hara by Pat Troy a prominent Irishman now from Washington D.C.
Pat hosts a radio show which airs live from 11 am to noon Eastern time on Sunday mornings
that can be heard not only in the Washing D.C. area, but also streams across the Internet
and is listened to worldwide, including Ireland and even by the troops on the ground in Afghanistan. 
Pat is an absolute delight as he chats with Maureen, sending her birthday wishes across the miles.
You'll love this one!  It's on YouTube with a video tape of the broadcast happening. 
To learn more about this colorful host - visit his website, Pat Troy's Irish Radio Show.

Special thoughts of a Special Fan, Bill Greehy,
and former fan club president from the 50s and 60s, the late John Kolcun.

Harry Carey, Jr. (aka "Dobe") has been a respected friend of Maureen O'Hara for many years.
He appeared in "Rio Grande," "The Long Gray Line," and "Big Jake."  You will enjoy his site which also
gives you an opportunity to purchase his book "In the Company of Heroes."

What a find!!!  Don't hesitate a minute - click on logo or the black and white pics above and take a wonderful trip down memory lane on the Tennessee Ernie Ford official website. Maureen O'Hara adored this man and appeared on his show October 8, 1959 and again for a TV special, "The Fabulous Fordies" in 1972.  The website has everything - biography, TV appearances, stars, music, merchandise.  Enjoy the  generous sampling of Ernie's songs.  Brings back such great memories and maybe a tear to the eye.  If we ever needed something of substance and quality, it's in these times. Click on color photo of Ernie and Maureen above to visit "Fabulous Fordies" page I designed paying tribute to that TV spec

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The Foynes Flying Boat Museum - Foynes, Co. Limerick
Maureen's late husband, General Charles Blair is honored in this museum. "During the 1930s an early 1940s, the port of Foynes was the fulcrum point for air traffic between the U.S. and Europe.  The flying boats were frequent visitors, carrying a diverse range of people, from celebrities to refugees. The Foynes Museum recalls this era with a comprehensive range of exhibits, graphic illustrations and an audio-video show." 

Brian Walker has a great website concept to showcase tons of pictures
and information about your favorite "B" movie actors from the 1950's and 1960's.
Take a look at what's playing and then click on the screens to access the pages.


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