"Fabulous Fordies"
Tennessee Ernie Ford Special - 1972
in glorious color with glorious stars
Ernie Ford, Maureen O'Hara, Betty Grable, Dick Haymes
The theme of this TV show was the Movies of the 40's which included lots of Vaudevillian show stoppers
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A rousing song and dance number to "I Don't Care"
The costumes were gorgeous - the dancers - the music and the sets...
absolutely WONDERFUL!  Oh how I miss those TV variety shows.

"It's a Grand Night For Singing"...
particularly for Maureen as she waltzed and sang to this
beautiful number

"Oh it was Mary, Mary, plain as any name can be..
but in society, propriety, that say Mareeeeee"

"A Nightingale Sang in Barclay Square"
The costumes in this TV show were spectacular
This gold trench coat was floor length and absolutely gorgeous...as was the song

Betty Grable did her usual fancy-steppin and also was there to be sung to by the romantic Dick Haymes

High Steppin' and Gorgeous Girls and Costumes!!!

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