Maureen O'Hara
Maureen Blair

Maureen  enjoys a row boat ride in Bantry Bay
at her home in Ireland

(above photo is property of June Beck - do not remove)
Maureen with Sean McClory at "Quiet Man" reunion
in Ireland - July 1991 (remember Sean as one of the IRA men in that film)

An honorary degree for Maureen
(FYI - Maureen's Educational Background)
School: Elementry: Irish Sister's of Charity in Milltown
Secondary School: Eccles Convent School
Miss Galway's Business School
Ena Mary Burke School of Elocution
London School of Music and Drama
Abbey School of Dramatics
Ballet School

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Maureen has received so many awards, recognitions, and honors over the years (from all over the world) she would need an extra room to house them all. She has never sought inflamatory publicity for causes and honors in order to seek the limelight for herself.  That is why so many go unhearalded.

A VISIT TO ISRAEL with Moshe Dayan.   Maureen, a wonderful ambassador for both the U.S. and Ireland, has visitedmany countries and has been honored by and dined with many heads of state.  Whether it is for a Hollywood production, her favorite charity, or just because she cares, she has continued to represent the highest caliber of character and performer in the business. She has shaken millions of hands, smiled into billions of cameras and posed with many adoring fans, diplomats and dignitaries.

Here - Maureen meets Fidel Castro during the filming of "Our Man in Havana"  1960

A very young Maureen O'Hara in some leisure time

The FitzSimons Family & Tripoli


The Many Faces of Maureen on TV
(this is a photo from the journals. Apparently a fan
actually took a picture of a television screen.
Must have been before VCR's

Quiet on the Set!

Maureen at Cork Banquet 1986

A candid shot of Maureen in 1957on the night she was
on "This is Your Life Maureen O'Hara" and The Premier of
"Deadly Companions" in Tucson, AZ 1963

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