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Enter the Studio Days of Maureen O'Hara - Photos, Excerpts from Old Fan Club Journals,
Essays, Movie Pics, Maureen's testimony for the Duke Wayne commemorative medal,
BIOGRAPHY/FILMOGRAPHY and many other sidelights.  This page will be used for special
spotlight features and updated as often as possible.

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"How Green Was My Valley"
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Rare scene captures from American-Ireland Fund Event
1991 - Honoring Maureen O'Hara
I recently acquired tapes to a very special event in Ms. O'Hara's life, the American-IrelandFund Heritage Award - Wed. Nov. 6th - 1991 at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.  Below is a screen capture from that celebration. (Thanks to Gretchen Wayne, Michael Wayne's widow).   The event was organized by Michael and Gretchen.


Mrs. Miniver - TV Play - 1960 - Jan. 7 - 1960 - CBS
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Ms. O'Hara is seeking a copy of this program - if anyone knows where
it might be found - contact me at momagazine@gmail.com

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