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The Best of Maureen O'Hara

"The Parent Trap" is a Disney classic film and
one of Maureen's finest.

The cast of  "Parent Trap" was impressive. Maureen O'Hara & Brian Keith shared billing with young Disney child star, Hayley Mills. The supporting cast was equally distinguished: Charles Ruggles, Una Merkel, Leo G. Carroll, Joanna Barnes, and Cathleen Nesbitt.  Hayley played a dual role as her own twin. The split screen method was used for scenes where the girls appeared together. 

"Parent Trap" is without question one of Maureen's all time best films.  It is interesting to note that aside from the 1998 remake of "Parent Trap," other films of Maureen's also had re-makes, including "Jamaica Inn," "Hunchback of Notre Dame," "Sentimental Journey" "Miracle on 34th Street."  As the tempestuous "Maggie McKendrick" Maureen fairly exploded with color and energy on the screen.  Her comedic timing was compared to that of Irene Dunn.  She also established a wonderful chemistry with Brian Keith.  In fact they went on that same year to star in another film, "The Deadly Companions."

Maggie and Mitch enjoy their daughters' show on the patio
which they converted into a stage; trying to recreate their parent's first date
to rekindle memories...and hopefully their love

It was so easy to escape into the unlikely plot of this film. This was facilitated by the combined talents of a prestigious cast, led by the innocent but mischievous appeal of two forms of Hayley Mills who share the dream parents of Maureen O'Hara and Brian Keith.  I once saw an episode of TV's "Cheers" that incorporated a reflection of this classic film -  Kirsty Alley was weeping because her real parents were less than perfect and she was lamenting that she wanted parents like Maureen O'Hara and Brian Keith in "Parent Trap."  Obviously the generation who were young when "Parent Trap" was first released did not forget it.

This scene in the kitchen is most romantic and the audience relaxes, knowing Susan and Sharon's "parent trap" at long last appears to be working.  Here again, Disney's cinematographer delivered this fantastic impact of color; Maureen's red hair and peach complexion is enhanced by the two shades of blue in her blouse and skirt, and Brian Keith was dapper in his casual attire.  Consider that there is very little that "dates" this film in the way of costume, which will help to keep it timeless.  Even the white T-Bird convertible could well be in some vintage car collector's garage.  Maybe the "Princess" phone for the twins across country communication does give it away a bit.  LOL

The Parents have been "trapped" - a happy wedding - a happy ending

 Maureen's performance in the romantic comedy "The Parent Trap"  was compared to that of Irene
Dunne.  Both ladies had quite a feminine and intelligent persona, with lots of spunk and
daring to make it even better.  They both also had lovely soprano voices.

 Summer 2002 marked the release of a Special Edition DVD of "The Parent Trap" -
The Disney Site

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Note: For you O'Hara fans who have seen the remake of "Parent Trap" you might find it interesting that there were several "shades of O'Hara" in the first scenes at summer camp.  The first reminder of O'Hara is the 90's twins lovely red hair (just a coincidence, of course); the second is a fall by one of the twins into a water trough and when offered a helping hand out by the other twin, she pulls her in the water (remember the water trough scene in "McLintock") and the third "O'Hara Haunt" is when the camp counselors visit the cabin that has been sabotaged by the rival twin and friends. It is pretty much like the original except  one counselor ends up skidding on molasses or honey to the far end of the cabin and feathers are dumped on her from above (again, a situation Maureen found herself "McLintock ").  I checked the original film and no feathers were used in that scene.